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The PAVM 2020 Wishbook is Now Online

We are proud to present you our 2020 Year of Raphael Wishbook in electronic form!


Patrons Lets Join Together

Dear Patrons and Friends,

During this time of giving thanks, I find myself in gratefulness
for your continued patronage and commitment to the Patrons of the Arts.

The state of the virus shows a rise in people being infected but we stand on hopeful news regarding a vaccine is coming soon. Until that time comes, let’s join together and pray the Rosary as a Chapter each Friday at 3:00 pm via Zoom, led in faith by clergy of the Patrons!

Tomorrow and each week following you will receive an email regarding the Rosary Prayer Zoom Call. No action is needed on your part, just join in each Friday at 3:00 pm. Denise Jasko is available to assist you with any questions or concerns.

I look forward to seeing you via Zoom each week.

With gratitude,

Lorraine Dodero 
Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums
Ohio Chapter

Restoration Projects

Should you have a desire to fund a project on a personal level, the Current Wishbook offers many opportunities that can work within any budget. The Wishbook can be viewed online by clicking here or you may request a copy of the Wishbook by contacting our office at 440-498-1300.

Date: 2015
Project Cost: $43,000
Date: 2016
Project Cost: $113,600
Date: 2012-2016
Project Cost: $890,670.00