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2016 Ohio Chapter tours The Museum of Divine Statues

August 2016

The Museum of Divine Statues is a hidden gem, and the Patrons discovered it! The Ohio Chapter of the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums hosted a cocktail party at the Museum on August 3, 2016.

Bishop Roger Gries was our honored guest and started the evening with a blessing for our members. The mastermind behind the museum creation is Mr. Louis McClung. Mr. McClung gave members a brief history of the museum which opened in 2011. Mr. McClung wanted to create a reflective and reverential space where ecclesiastical statues could be displayed. His mission was to rescue and restore religious statues, many of which came from parishes that were decommissioned by the Cleveland diocese. His goal was to preserve the history of those churches, as well as traditional Catholic Art.

Ohio members delighted in finding many of the statues that graced their childhood parishes. During the event guests were treated to a delicious spread of appetizers and cocktails prepared by Italian Creations.

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